St. Patrick’s Day

Là Fhèile Pàdraig is next Friday, what better way to start that weekend! In Killybegs the parade begins at 2pm with those entering floats asked to meet at St. Catherine Vocational School at 1.15pm.  There is an entry fee of €5 for each float.  All money gathered going to the Donegal Cancer Bus.  This generosity gives local people and indeed local businesses even more reason to enter a float.  To entice the locals even more, the committee are giving a €200 prize to the best float/display on the day!

Patron Saint

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, the 17th of March, his feast day, is celebrated in more countries than any other festival in the world.  Not bad for a little country!  The symbolic green, that is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, is brought back to two things, the shamrock and the leprechaun’s.  The shamrock is associated with St. Patricks Day as it is believed that St. Patrick himself used it to illustrate the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  This is because of the three leaved shape of the shamrock, making it a fitting item to wear annually.  The association of St. Patricks Day with Leprechauns is one that is commonly seen around the world, this stems from the belief that the colour green kept people invisible to the leprechauns, who would apparently snatch anyone they seen!

To see, throughout the world, that a country as small as Ireland has its Patron Saint celebrated so vastly and in such a big way is something truly remarkable.  In 2016 the Irish Times reported that over 120 buildings and monuments turned green for the occasion.  Places such as the Arc de Triomphe, Cabot Tower, The Royal Exhibition Building, The Colosseum, The Great Wall of China, The Church in Reykjavik, even Disney Land got on board!

By Sarah Moloney